Fast Buds: the best autoflowering seeds Made in USA

Fast Buds: the best autoflowering seeds Made in USA

Fast Buds Bank is synonymous with autoflowering and premium quality. Californians have been betting on this type of seed for years due to its simplicity and short growing cycle. Its catalog is characterized by offering the best American breeds in its auto version, with ruderalis strains and very high THC levels. In addition to this, the house is characterized by having plants with very genuine flavors and very strong psychoactive effects.

The morphology of the plant is also another of its most attractive points: brown, bluish, ocher, white colors. They intermingle to give rise to plants with amazing aspects, the result of the most attractive phenotypes on the market.

In our store you can find all the varieties that the Fast Buds seed bank offers to the market. Next we are going to make a description of each one of them so that you have more clear which one to choose. We begin!

Fast Buds: the best autoflowering seeds Made in USA

Green Crack

You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a fruity flavor. As the people at Fast Buds describe: “It’s like a refreshing mango drink. ” In it we find everything you could want from a good marijuana: great performance, combined with a fast flowering cycle and a very powerful psychoactive effect. It is a hybrid of sativa and indica that descends from Afghani phenotypes with a strong Skunk background. Its THC concentrations can reach 21%. 

Pineapple Express

It is the turn of the sweetest and thickest-tasting marijuana. This is one of the best cars in the house, coming from the crossing between Skunk. Hawaii, TrainWreck with ruderalis breed. Its effects, determined by its sativa base, are energetic in nature. guaranteeing a disinhibiting effect that can reduce anxiety and increase the feeling of happiness. Its appearance is reminiscent of that of a pineapple, also its flavor. It is also spectacular to see how the plant is filling with resin from the first week of flowering. 

Californian Snow

Considered by themselves as their “rarest and most daring variety”. The reason for its name is that its buds are covered in resin to such an extent that it seems that they are snowy. It is characterized by its sweet flavor, which is accompanied by an aftertaste that ranges between bitter and citric. Producing instant short-term effects, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy a hard but brief hit. If you live in a cold area with short summers, this is your plant; Since Fast Buds breeders have thought of this strain to flourish in places not as warm as their native California. 

Cream Cookies

Its name says it all: this variety has flavors reminiscent of cream. but with an earthy and spicy flavor. A treat for the palate! It is an indica-dominant hybrid from its famous Girl Scout Cookies variety, which we will talk about later. It guarantees a relaxing effect but it will not leave you sitting on the sofa for hours. It is suitable for those who do not want to see their energy diminished throughout the day, but do want to have a more “chill” moment. Unlike the previous one, the effect of this one will last a large part of the day, also the more you consume of this plant, the more it will release its indica effects. 


A breed suitable for inclement weather. This variety, with flavors ranging from citrus to wood, is a monster that will make its way through its leaves in all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore it is our recommendation for urban crops, always obtaining good results in these. Its composition (19% THC and 0.9% CBD) is optimal for medicinal use. since it has strong analgesic characteristics. Its effect will help alleviate both ailments and altered states of mind. Due to the presence of CBD in its composition, it will provide a truly pleasant muscular physical effect. 


Descended from the Blueberry lineage. this variety will delight lovers of the flavor of berries. This plant is an indication of category, its relaxing effects will not take long to be noticed once consumed and will give a long and dense high. One of the most spectacular points of this variety is its polychromy : blues, purples, oranges, combine throughout its flowering to finish materializing at the end of it. It is a small plant but it will guarantee up to three harvests per season in hot climates. 


Coming from the cross between Chemdawg and Tres Dawg, this variety is characterized by being full of whitish trichomes that will impress even the most veteran. It is one of the most potent THC species on the list, presenting up to 22%. This guarantees a category psychoactive effect, accompanied by a shaky physical effect. Its flavor ranges from citrus to pine, and the accompanying smell is simply spectacular. Its effects provide psychedelic sensations, optimal to use during creative processes, it is also highly recommended to regain appetite for its high THC content. 

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