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black rice pot

The ingredients are simple to make a rich cannabis black rice.

Ingredients for black rice with marijuana

It is important to make a sofrito the usual ingredients: onion, garlic, a tomato and a green pepper, a red pepper.

The main ingredient is squid, the ideal would be 1 kilo for four people, but if you put a little more than 1 kilo it would also be fine.

We can put half a glass of white wine, or a glass depends on the taste and the wine.

Squid ink, in the fishmonger they give it to you with the squid, they will give you the necessary quantity for the kilo of squid.

Some peeled prawns, sold frozen and also by size, I buy them chubby that are more interesting to make this dish, although the little ones are also very good, they absorb the ink very well and give a very good taste, you know to taste colors.

Rice and water -or broth- in a ratio of three volumes of water to one of rice. For four people about 300 grams of rice. In the case of rice as usual, some use a bomb and others basmati. I prefer bomba rice, although there are people who use basmati rice.

Marijuana important ingredient

And the most important ingredient is marijuana, a nice bud of marijuana but there is no need to overdo it when putting marijuana, the ideal would be to put it in a sauce.

Preparation of cannabis black rice

To make marijuana black rice it is important to make the sofrito in a paella pan so that it can sauté well. When it is ready add the chopped squid and sauté over medium heat, so that the sofrito does not burn.

The squid will curl or curl in our cannabis rice. When you see that all the curly squid is there, add the water, it will be time for it not to be hard. Stir, turn the heat up to a boil. Now lower the heat, Add the wine, I like to add a very sweet white wine, and we also add the calming ink and keep it boiling for about 10 minutes, adding salt.

When the 10 minutes have passed add the rice. When it starts to boil again, leave it for another 20 minutes – not one more – and turn off the heat. Cover the rice with a lid and let the paella rest.

When you turn off the heat, put the prawns on top of the paella. Marijuana can be incorporated into a squid sauce that can be incorporated when serving rice paella, so the person who does not want to include marijuana in black rice paella does not have to.

You could add marijuana also when the water boils, and before adding the wine. There are different ways of doing it and all of them are very good for making cannabis black rice.


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