Everything you need to know to select a bong

Many glass bongs

As cannabis users, we seek the best experiences and ways to smoke; some for pleasure and others for health care. In this case, the most immediate reference, in a long time, has been to select a bong.

A good choice could not only give you a pleasant experience, but save you from poisoning or avoid future illnesses. This is because there is epidemiological evidence that tobacco smokers who use bong (hookah) have a much lower incidence of cancer than those who smoke cigarettes or regular pipes.

When you smoke a normal pipe, in addition to activating the cannabinoids of the plant, other particles harmful to health react, such as tar and ashes. In this case, the function of the bong is to filter the water to remove ash, which could otherwise enter your airway. Also, there is a certain amount of tar seepage, which is why the water eventually turns brown.

Thanks to this information, bong manufacturing is growing and there is a wide variety on the market, made with various components: glass, acrylic, plastic, silicone and borosilicate glass.

However, not all comply with health standards, so you must take into account, not only if it looks beautiful, if it is economical or is the most expensive, but what is the best material to select a bong.

What is the best material to select a bong?

There are two materials used to make bong that prevent more toxic substances from entering the body unlike the others: borosilicate glass and food grade silicone.

Borosilicate glass is the most functional for smoking, due to its durability and resistance to thermal shock. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Bonglab bongs are one of the best options. Made of food grade silicone, the only ones certified to make them Pieace Maker Gear. An interesting fact is that they do not recommend buying your product on Alibaba, DHGate, eBay, or any unauthorized seller.

Bongs according to their shapes and purpose

Next, I show you the classification according to major bong brands, also I leave you my top 3 of the house favorites.

Baker: classic model and circular pyramid base. One of its advantages is that they are very firm because their base is wide like that of a beaker.

  • Bonglab W06 Fat Candy 25CM
  • Bonglab KS10 Little Buchner 25CM
  • Bonglab BUCHNER

Straight: They are a straight tube with percolation that filters and divides the smoke into smaller parts, achieving a more delicate experience.

  • Bonglab Pyrx ELTY8 Monster blue 48CM
  • Bonglab Pyrex K41 Big blow purple 46 CM
  • Bonglab pyrex K42 Heavy Trash black 56CM

Narrow: large models with various designs. The longer the bong is, the better the smoke will be, since the smoke has more time to cool before reaching you.

  • Bonglab Blubber Kush K275
  • Bonglab K66B HASH 20CM
  • Bonglab Bongbastic K 276

Barrel: medium, simple models. These have nozzles instead of being completely straight, in this way they achieve a better percolation, than the Rig, without being so large. Its measurement serves both for extraction and for grass.

  • Bonglab X2 color cube 20CM
  • Bonglab X4 Dream Rig
  • Bonglab KH-2 Honey Dry

Spacial: medium models with various designs, really special for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

  • Piece Maker Gear Kube
  • Piece Maker Gear UNIKORN
  • Bonglab A13 white 13CM

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