How to plant marijuana without being discovered

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Do you want to drop the press and start growing, but don’t know how to grow marijuana without being discovered? There are several ways to keep your crop safe and out of trouble. No wonder, there are more and more people doing this without being caught. They are usually own and small crops, of users who just want to smoke a better herb or run away from that dangerous traffic.

Even with so many examples, you may still be wondering how to do this in a country like Brazil, which still prohibits the plant and even its cultivation. But the answer is simple: just as you do to smoke the press will have to do to grow marijuana without being discovered. In other words: take care and prevent everyone from knowing it. So you can grow, harvest, and smoke good marijuana without turning.

The secret to success is the secret

This is rule # 1 for anyone who wants to grow marijuana without being discovered. Keeping people from knowing this and keeping this cultivation a secret is essential. Nobody but you need to know about it, unless you share the house with someone, but even so: it is important that no one else knows, because it is with many people knowing and spreading that the main problems with growers in Brazil happen.

Don’t leave your plants exposed

Be careful where you leave your plant. This is true for those who are going to grow outdoor, but for those who grow indoor it is also true, because the greenhouse often appears in a window. But for those who cultivate outdoors this care must be doubled. Verifying that the plants cannot be seen from the street or from any angle is what will guarantee the safety of this cultivation.

To plant marijuana without being discovered it is necessary to think about it and find the best place for them to grow healthy and at the same time they cannot be found or seen by anyone in your home or apartment.

Take care of the smell and noise

One of the main ways for someone to discover a cannabis crop is through smell. This is because the plants and especially the flowers, when they start to appear and resin, smell a lot. For those who like it, it smells great, a real perfume for the nose. But it still smells like marijuana. And good, so it can bother that grimace neighbor even if he doesn’t even live next to your house or apartment.

All of this will of course depend on the number of plants and the location where they are being grown. But in an indoor cultivation it is essential to invest in a charcoal filter that helps to eliminate the smell of the internal environment, because with a plant it is usually quite intense in a closed place.

Plant other plant species

Those who cultivate billboards should take the same care, but count on the help of the wind in these cases. One option both to help reduce the odor of marijuana flowers and to disguise those looking at your patio is to plant other species of plants with other shapes and smells nearby to avoid these two problems at once.

Beware of light bulbs

Another precaution that should be taken by those who grow indoor is with the lamps on at odd times, especially if they can be seen by other people. It costs nothing to invest in a curtain to prevent this from happening by protecting that growing environment.

Don’t have a scale and don’t sell anything

If you are a user and you are growing marijuana so as not to depend on the traffic or the press, then you do not need to sell anything. Those who cultivate for themselves know this, as this is the main objective of self-cultivation. So, avoid having scales at home, weapons obviously, and any other objects that might pose a bigger problem than a small individual cultivation of Cannabis.

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