Grow Marijuana also in Summer by following these tricks

Grow Marijuana also in Summer by following these tricks

As a general rule, high temperatures are not usually the best allies for our cannabis plants to develop properly. But this does not mean that during the summer we cannot grow marijuana. Not much less. We will have to take the appropriate measures to reduce the risks, but following these tips we will ensure that there is not the slightest setback in our plantation and we can taste the fruits of the crop at any time of the year, including the summer holidays.

As cannabis growers, one of the fundamental premises is to know the meteorological evolution of the region in which we cultivate. Not only to know if the usual temperatures of a time like summer will be maintained, but also if a heat wave is approaching or to take the necessary precautions in case a summer storm can affect our cannabis. For all this, controlling the climatic factors is important and even more so in summer, where they can play a trick on us.

To ensure that there are no mishaps and that our plants grow just as they do when temperatures are more moderate, we must take certain measures that, although the most experienced growers know perfectly, the most novice may not be fully assimilated. And although all of them are very simple to put into practice, we will have to pay attention to those little details that will make us enjoy a cannabis of the highest quality.

Seed selection key

Seed selection key

One of the fundamental reasons why knowing the climate in which our plants will grow is to select those cannabis varieties that can best develop at these temperatures. We cannot embark on the adventure of cultivating any seed. and even less when the temperatures are not the best for them.

One of the most recommended lineages for this time of year, when heat can wreak havoc, is Haze. Any genetics in this family, whose origins are found in hot climates such as Asia and Jamaica, is usually very appropriate so that we can harvest with less risk. We also have to know that autoflowering varieties are the ones that best acclimatize both to high temperatures and to other conditions of summer, such as lack of humidity and more hours of light.

Outdoors: water and shade not to be missed

If we grow our cannabis outdoors there are two elements to which we must give our full attention. The success of our marijuana will largely depend on them. On the one hand, the fundamental sustenance of our plants: water; When it comes to fighting high temperatures. irrigation will become our best ally. So much so that the most advisable thing is to water twice during the summer or when the thermometer trips. What’s more, on days when the heat tightens it would not be ruled out to refresh our cannabis once again, spraying or spraying the water on the plants. In these cases we will have to take care that the drops do not remain on the leaves, or with the effect of the sun they could end up burning.

In addition, the ideal so that the high temperatures do not play a trick on us is to water with cold water. in order to get the plant to cool from the roots to the highest parts. If instead of being at 21 oC the water, as it is advisable, is at 15 oC, it will be much better for it.

Recommendation – If we opt for the option of watering the plant twice as much as we usually do, then we should cut in half the nutrients that we include in each watering. If we add the usual ones, our thirsty plants will absorb them quickly, and what we will cause is that they end up burning the vines.

Along with water, the other key factor in caring for our plants outdoors at high temperatures is shade. Whether it is natural, because we find a precisely located site where a tree provides adequate protection, or artificially placing a tarp, a curtain or small pieces of fabric for each of the plants. Ideally, it should be easy to remove and place, depending on the power with which the sun hits our crop.

Indoors, how do we manage?

We will have it somewhat easier than outdoors. Although we must also correctly select the varieties that we choose to plant, the options will multiply. If we have interior space to place our plants, one of the first measures will be to place panels that allow us to thermally isolate that room. In this way, we will be able to recreate a more optimal environment for the cultivation of cannabis than the one that will be outdoors at the same time. The ideal, whenever our budget allows us, would be to place these thermal insulators both on the ceiling and on the walls.

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