Best cannabis genetics for insomnia sufferers

Mj for sleep

Cannabis has been used since time immemorial to relax and stimulate sleep, even today it is one of the most effective natural solutions for those who suffer from insomnia and do not want to give up rest. In this article, we will explain which active ingredients in cannabis help those who do not sleep and give you some tips on the best marijuana strains to treat insomnia.

There are many studies that show that cannabinoids are absolutely suitable for facilitating sleep. Regardless of what is the motivation that triggers insomnia (stress, anxiety, pain, genetic predisposition…) taking CBD and THC improves the situation for many insomniacs.

In this article we talked about the problem of those suffering from lack of sleep and how CBD in particular can be a solution for those who just can’t not go through a sleepless night. Today, however, we will focus on understanding which cannabinoids can affect sleep rhythms and which are the best cannabis genetics for sleeping among the most famous around.

Once you understand which type of cannabis is most suitable, you can decide whether to consume it just before sleeping in the usual way or use it as needed when you see that sleep does not come. We remind you that in Italy it is not legal to “smoke a joint to relax and sleep” but if you are in a country where it is or you have a specific medical prescription, you can evaluate whether you were preparing a classic joint or consuming marijuana food / tinctures (for an even more effective longer lasting).

Sativa or indica?

If you are unsure which is the most suitable inflorescence to make you enjoy a peaceful sleep you will first need to investigate the factor of genetics. The strains you will find on the market are mostly of indica or sativa origin (or even a hybrid between the two), but what is the best choice in this situation? Without a shadow of a doubt, you will have to choose indica-dominant marijuana. In fact, sativa-dominant genetics are usually higher in THC and give an energizing or cerebral high. An overdose of THC could wipe out sleep completely so put your pure sativa aside for a while.

Your choice should therefore fall on cannabis indica possibly very rich in relaxing CBD and with a dosage not too high of THC.

The best indica cannabis genetics for better sleep

Here is our selection of indicas that are perfect for relaxing enough to stimulate a peaceful and prolonged sleep. The genetics that we indicate are all part of the great classics widely spread all over the world that you can find products from many cannabis brands. Many of these are also frequently prescribed as medical cannabis to insomniacs in countries where this is permitted.

Northern Light

This popular indica-dominant strain will not only relax you after just a few hits, but her potent soporific effect will last for a long time, guaranteeing you lasting support against insomnia. For its generous inflow of CBD with a content (but not very low) of THC it helps to be in a good mood and leave thoughts behind so as to fall asleep with a clear mind, ready to immerse yourself in the world of dreams. Its rather delicate and spicy aroma is also very appreciated by those who do not have too much passion for cannabis that is too intense in terms of aromas.

Critical Mass

Also for this indica-dominant genetics it could help you to slip into the arms of morpheus. The right mix of CBD and THC is a guarantee of muscle and mental relaxation, so much so that many regular cannabis users reserve this variant only for special moments, since it tends to stick those who use it to the sofa for several hours. Critical Mass is certainly not a joint to smoke before leaving the house, but it is the perfect weapon to end an evening and ensure a few hours of sound sleep.

OG Kush

California-based OG Kush is famous for falling into a deep sleep when you smoke a lot of it, as if you were made of soooo strong stuff. Instead, it’s all thanks to a little flower created by mother nature and the minds of the wise breeders of the west coast. For the intense physical relaxation that it guarantees it is very used (like many other Kushes) even in case of chronic pain and is said to be one of the favorite genetics among famous people. In addition to this, OG Kush has an extremely soft and fresh smoke with tones that are both sweet and acidic.

Blue Cheese

In England when sleep does not come, we indulge in a nice joint of Blue Cheese. This hybrid with a high CBD content is known for being extremely relaxing and for having a very fast relaxing action on the muscles, it is in fact also called by many stoners the perfect ” good night joint” and is very appreciated by those suffering from chronic pains that cause annoying nocturnal awakenings. Then there is also the plus of a delicious aroma of berries and cheese (since it is a variety born from the crossing of the Blueberry and Cheese varieties), nothing better to close your eyes in the evening reconciled with the world.

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