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Welcome to our website, the USA mail order seed information and bank site for indica hemp seed, established in California. We offer the seeds of the best modern hybrid marijuana strains available directly from USA breeders, including Skunk type varieties, the so-called "white" varieties, hashish plants and the ultra modern "all female" or "feminized seeds". We are also Authors of the new cultivation guide "Skunk Power" (2019) published so far in English and Italian. Effetto Serra offers the finest genetics possible at reasonable prices, we successfully deliver the seeds anywhere, being our fast and reliable mailing routine (for those who order: see formalities below). During early summer marijuana growers living in the northern hemisphere are giving birth to the green plants in every golden garden, while during the fall in the southern hemisphere ganja growers are busy maturing and harvesting their plants on their balconies, gardens, "open field" spaces or "guerilla" cultivation. We wish to point out that the practice of cultivating indoor cannabis by means of high-pressure sodium lamps has no season, no mandatory date: you can easily grow cannabis successfully with happiness in a cupboard or a ventilated corner, whether in USA, Guatemala and the Caribbean (tropical climate), either in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, or Argentina (temperate - Mediterranean climate). We has crossed, grown and tested all the varieties in a catalog one by one, USA being the preferred point of propagation and experimentation for cannabis and industrial hemp. The result of more than 25 years of research on marijuana and the consequent "selective breeding" of all the varieties known as WHITE WIDOW, AFGHAAN, BIG BUD, SUPER SILVER HAZE, EARLY WHITE, JACK HERER, CITRAL, SUPER SKUNK, HINDU KUSH. NORTHERN LIGHTS, these are hybrid cultivars bred to grow and flourish quickly in small vases, in tight spaces like your closet, balcony or sunny backyard. Make your own "square meter of happiness" now! Please check our Best-Sellers and our special offers below; there are many photographs and also precious and useful advice in the text of the page.


Countless amounts of cannabis seeds fly every day by mail from the USA or other parts of America to realize the dreams of cannabis growers worldwide. The indica hemp seeds do not contain any THC but the invisible chains of DNA molecules in Marijuana, nothing more. Legally, according to the Magna Carta on drugs signed in New York in 1961, marijuana seeds are equivalent to any other kind of seed predestined for re-planting.

In case of purchase of our products, the client resists the temptation to germinate our seeds that are sold only for collection use.

Indica or sativa?

If you want to know more about , have a look at here first –

We believe that there is only one species of hemp in nature: CANNABIS SATIVA L., traditionally cultivated for buds (marijuana) and for textile fibers (industrial hemp). Human beings have always interfered with nature in such a way to adapt wild hemp for their own needs, therefore man is a craftsman of the genetic diversity of cannabis today. The cannabis selected today in USA has originated from the varieties called “Indicas” and “Sativas”, however the botanist Lamarck by Indica literally means: “from India”. Indian marijuana that was simply a domesticated type of Cannabis L. sativa to make the famous black hashish called Charas.

To clarify our catalog:

By INDICA we mean hybrids with genetic inheritance derived from the Himalayan, Afghanistanis and Pakistani cannabis cultivars brought in the form of seeds and cuttings from “hipón pelónes” travelers during the 1960s and 70s to the US and Europe. Indica individuals will exhibit the following characteristics:

1) they have long leaf and dark green color, rounded edges

2) they will produce low and thick plants

3) bloom early

4) induce a type of stone that is physical and relaxing

 By SATIVA we mean the African and Caribbean varieties that originated in India, had been transferred from Africa by the Arabs during the XV century. Sativas reached the Americas during the time of the slave trade, until the end of the 19th century. European and American breeders selected cannabis that came from Jamaica and Mexico by crossing them with Colombian marijuana, a process that has continued to this day. Of course the varieties that come from South India or Thailand are also considered Sativas, these are characterized by the following characteristics:

1) The sativa shows a fine leaf in the shape of the finger

2) Sativa is a highly branched tall plant with numerous but less tight buds compared to the indica

3) A Sativa’s Stone is strong, cerebral and donates a lot of energy.

We wish to point out that the majority of the Grow Shops in the USA are indicating in the catalogs “the production in terms of the weight of the final harvest” for each variety: an indoor variety of modern marijuana, if it is grown in a homemade ecosystem Well equipped with HPS lamps and a good ventilation system (a fan placed by an open window to provide fresh air works well!) allows an average production of 75 gr up to 125 gr of buds for each plant, while the varieties cultivated outdoors are demonstrating the potential production of 250 gr up to one kilo of rich buds per plant.

Sexual differentiation

Cannabis in temperate or “Mediterranean” climates begins to demonstrate its sexual identity by the end of July (end of January in the southern hemisphere) on different dates according to the varieties, to achieve a sinsemilla harvest we must distinguish as soon as possible if the plant it is male or female. It is convenient to start the males when the plant is about to define its sex. Male cannabis (which is grown indoors up to 40 centimeters at least), shows the characteristic male flowers that are hexagonal similar to small bananas: there is the indicator of sex (see the photo). One day the typical male balls will hang. opening in the shape of a daisy to release their pollen. THE MALES ALMOST ALWAYS BEFORE THE FEMALES. Whoever grows indoors seeks their “artificial autumn”, which is achieved by cutting off the daylight hours for the little girls to induce flowering (12 hours light on / 12 hours light off). Female cannabis shows its transparent hairs in the shape of a “V” (see the photo) in the end of a couple of weeks: this process called “sexing” is easier than a close observation, possibly with a lens. Outdoors, the plants of the mota show their sexual identity later than indoors, the indica show their sex before the sativas; in all cases the average of males and females will be 50%. We wish to remember that the Dutch seed banks have recently placed on the market the seeds carried by all female offspring: by cultivating these “feminized seeds” we will prevent the discomfort of getting rid of the males but imply higher prices.


All varieties are perfectly adapted to the world’s “Mediterranean climates”, cultivars can be marked (O) or (I / O) or (O / I) as the “Early” or early growing varieties that are suitable for mountain marijuana users and to be chosen for rainy and cold autumns.The period indicated in weeks refers to the time necessary for indoor flowering once you have induced flowering (timer to 12 hours a day and 12 hours artificial night).




  • Jack Herer all female, White Widow all female, White Widow, Jack Herer
  • De Luxe Mix all female, Super Skunk all female, Big Bud,  Pink Widow, Durban Red, Hash Khan
  • De Luxe Mix all female, California O. Bud,  Super Skunk, Afghan 
  • Early White, Skunk#5, Super Silver Haze, 
  • De Luxe Mix, Shiva, Skunk Kush 
  • Hindu Kush, Citral
  • Northern Lights, Haze 


Name / Origin



Outdoors harvest:

Southern Hemisphere:



SKUNK#5 (I) / California (USA)

Skunk #5 was originally a cross between Afghani, Mexican “Acapulco Gold” and Colombian Gold. Finely Inbred since the seventies, now a steady homogeneous strain, this plant will bloom with long, solid buds, varying in color from light green to golden. Skunk #5 flowers in stinky flowers with a pungent aroma. Outstanding variety for indoors showing few leaves and short internodes Skunk #5 males are related to many other strains. This variety is easy to clone.

8 weeks

beg October

beg April




WHITE WIDOW (I)/ Holland/Brazil

Many modern marijuana strains will show those white “non glandular trichomes” on the small leaves around the buds:White Widow beats them all showing a dense resin crystals cover alongside other favorable traits deriving from its Brazilian and south-Indian lineage. White Widow it’s a short afghan-like plant, easy to grow and to clone for your ideal phenotype. This strain is a best seller in almost any Amsterdam’s coffee shop as its reputation has been built on its quality in terms of smell, flavor and quality of high.

8 weeks

end of September

end of March

clear, cerebral



An outstanding strain, Pink Widow has an Afghani-South Indian lineage for one of the strongest strains on sale. Pink Widow is not too leafy, giving it an open canopy that makes it a perfect choice for indoor gardening.

8 weeks

end of September

end of March